In English

MLL in brief 

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (in short: MLL) is an NGO and membership is open to everyone. It promotes the wellbeing of children and of families with children, increases respect for childhood and seeks to make it more visible, and sees that children's views are taken into account in public decision-making. The Mannerheim League is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. 


MLL Tapiola in brief 

The MLL Tapiola division (a.k.a MLL Tapiola) works towards achieving MLL's goals in the regions of Tapiola, Mankkaa, Niittykumpu, Laajalahti, Otaniemi, Tontunmäki, Westend and Haukilahti. MLL Tapiola was established in 1955 and today the division has almost 500 members. 

What we do 

  • family cafes (Perhekahvilat
  • fleemarkets for kid's clothing, toys, and childcare products (Kirpputorit)
  • bringing people from different generations together through Terhokerho club for children and seniors 
  • helping with the school support student operations (Tukioppilastoiminta)
  • organizing various functions and events (Tapahtumat)
  • cooperation with the city of Espoo as well as with other communities concerning families with children 

We have chosen these focus areas because our members have requested them. To know our region's families and being able to listen to the voices of our small children, our youngsters and parents is important to us.

Contact us 

If you have questions about what we do, some development ideas or wishes regarding our work, please contact us. We warmly welcome you to come join us in making this region an even better place for our children and families to live in! You can find our contact information here: Ota yhteyttä.